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Cooperation, rights and conflicts in the food distribution in the developing countries.

19:00 29 September 2012

Debate on the need to formulate and implement on the one hand policies to boost the availability of agricultural products and on the other hand policies that are able to generate territorial development, improving accessibility to goods and growth opportunities for local economies. Growth and distribution of resources can not be considered two distinct phases of  policy actions.

The multi-dimensionality of food and nutrition security calls for integrated actions focusing on the interactions and interdependencies between sectors and actors and on the management of local ecosystems, which provide the primary assets in household food security and resilience, including to price volatility. In other words, it implicitly acknowledges the key role played by local or “territorial” capital, social and political construction in addressing food insecurity. A territorial approach to food and nutrition security policies can constitute a valuable framework to address food and nutrition security disparities and inequalities and to move to policy decision making and planning that is more inclusive and closer to the needs of the local communities.

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