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GMOs on our table. Are they telling us a true story?

17:30 05 December 2012

From the legend of the GMO fish-berry (with the antifreeze protein) to the recent controversy over the toxicity of GM Maize, from the debate regarding environmental safety to the freedom of choice on the label, GMOs have always been a controversial and difficult topic.


The majority of European farmers do not want them in their fields, and consumers do not like them on their table. As a matter of fact GMOs have already been among us for several years, they get in the food chain as feed for farm animals for producing meat and milk. GMOs have always been subject to smear campaigns and unreliable information that have created real phobias among consumers. In Italy the Government have declared a ban on GMOs field testing.


Abroad, however, the new challenges of genetic engineering are increasing, such as the use of genetically modified animals for the production of pharmaceuticals and food products. It has therefore become important to approach the GMOs topic with a clear and responsible communication towards the consumers.

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